product &

service design

We make sure that you’re offering something to your market that no one else offers, making you the ‘go-to’ choice.

In a market with lots of noise and many alternatives, many try to work more hours, and spend more money in an attempt to get above the noise and get noticed.

But of course, everyone else is trying the same trick, adding even more noise to your marketplace.

So instead, do what they’re not doing. Be what they’re not. Offer products and services they’re not offering.

And while a different product or service is never enough, but it does make everything else easier.

Because people notice things that are different, talk about things that are different, and write about them. Which is all free marketing- and time and money you don’t need to spend!

And the icing on the cake…being able to raise your prices (and still have customers more than willing to pay). Because if you’re the only choice, how can the customer shop around for a lower price?

Quite simply- they can’t.



Our process for getting you through the new product maze (whilst avoiding the many traps)

1: Discover unmet needs & gaps in your market

2: Generate new product, service, brand, and experience business ideas

3: Evaluate and test out the best ideas

4: Devise a plan to consistently find more customers for your new idea