The product is the marketing

So you’ve got a marketing problem aye?

You’ve worked out that if you can sell more units, courses, projects…whatever, then things will be fixed.
So naturally, the next step may be to seek out ways to get your product or service in front of the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

Depending on what you do, and what method is best for you, that may be networking, social media advertising, or cold calling.

Whatever you choose, most of the time it will work. Eventually it always does.

It’s a numbers game (or so you’re told). If you cast a net wide enough, eventually you’ll catch some fish.

But that can be the trap.

Because you’ll feel like you’re on the right track. And all you gotta do is repeat what you did last time, except times two to get two times the result.

Given enough time & money, you’ll get to where you want to go- just by increasing what has worked in the past.
If however there are others out there offering what you’re offering then there’s gonna be a bit of friction.

And those numbers in that numbers game you’re playing aren’t going to be as good.

You’re gonna find customers who have already with someone else, so they’re not going to go with you.

You’re gonna find those who’ve been in the game longer than you, who have larger customer bases, and brand awareness- so they’ll get more word of mouth and referrals than you.

You’ll find those with more experience under their belt than you, so they’ll be seen as the expert source on the industry you’re in.

You’ll find your ads competing with others ads too, saying things along similar lines. Customers have heard it before, so they’ll just tune it out.

And this is why your product (what you’re offering to your chosen market) really is the foundation of your marketing.

If you have a product that no one else has- and you don’t even need to get radical here, just different enough so that you don’t seem to customers like all the rest (and they actually have to prefer it over the alternative at least in some cases, but that’s another story for another day), then your advertising is going to start to be more noticeable- because you’re not saying what the others are saying. You’re not like them. So you won’t need to spend as much to get the result you’re after.

You may also start noticing less of “we already have a (what it is you have/or do)”. Which means less instant rejection, and potential to open up more business relationships.

And then there’s the free marketing. Oh yes.

Firstly there’s the news. And the name gives itself away. It’s called the news because they deal with things that are well…new. What you now have is new now isn’t it? And this is all free. So less money you have to spend on advertising.

Being in the news makes you look like the expert, and is effectively an outside endorsement for what you’re doing. Both these things mitigate people’s uncertainty around doing business with you, increasing the chances that they’ll go ahead.

People also notice things that are different, and make their way into conversation. Giving you free word of mouth marketing.

When you’re in demand and a party of one, you are able to charge higher prices. Why? Because customers can’t walk away and get what you’re offering elsewhere. You’re it. Else they can settle for the alternative.

So what are you gonna do?

Push, push, push, spend, spend, spend until you make your numbers? And repeating this forever?

Or investing time into crafting a hot knife that slices through butter?

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