Create a business unlike any other & make your competition irrelevant!

Conceptualising new products, services, brands, & experiences to give you a business no one else has.



Some businesses sell products, others sell services, and others sell ideas (aka brand).

You may have one of these types of businesses yourself.

But are your customers comparing apples with apples when deciding whether to do business with your company?

If there’s others out there that are selling similar types of products or services to you, then you may be getting lost in the haystack. Or worse- if a customer can’t bully you down to a price that you believe is unfair, then they can easily get their Granny Smith’s elsewhere.

You may be feeling pressured to lower your prices, working harder and harder to make up for it in volume.

Or, someone else may have already climbed the mountain and planted their flag on top of it. And let’s face it, nobody has heard of anyone other than Sir Edmund Hillary. In other words- there may be more established players who’ve already stitched your market up, making it very hard to make progress.

So what’s the solution?

Stop playing a game you can’t win, and find one you can- even you type A people!

Instead, create your own mountain. Create a business that sells products and services that can’t be directly compared to what everyone else is doing.

Be the orange in an apple world- and make your competition irrelevant!



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to be or

not to be

Will this work for me?

We can help if one of these descriptions feels like you:

I’m thinking of starting a business in a market that already exists. Although I’m arriving a bit later to the party, I believe there is room for improvement. I have an idea and vision for how to improve my industry, but want to check I’m on the right track.

I have a small-medium sized business, and there are other larger, and more established players in the market. I’m working hard, but don’t seem to be making it to the same level as those on the ‘A list’.

I’m getting quite a few customers who ask about price, or who request a proposal and don’t follow through. It almost seems like luck of the draw as to who come through in the end.



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